AM, International CH Holly 'N Bruin's Mischa, RE, CGC, HIC: Champion Samoyed
• June 16, 2003 - March 1, 2011

Like a garden, Mischa needed only water, food, sunlight, and dirt to thrive. If you added love, fun, and adventure, Mischa blossomed wherever he was planted. When he competed, Mischa put on a spectacular show. As a stud, Mischa sowed his seed all over the world. Mischlets and grand-Mischlets are still sprouting and blooming everywhere. Mischa's favorite pastime was relaxing in his garden; smelling the flowers, listening to the waterfall, and enjoying the birds, bugs, butterflies, and squirrels. Visits from friends were a special treat. So, please stay awhile. Take time to smell the roses and pick a few daisies. Thanks for visiting and come back soon.

Virginia Leary-Majda (Mischa's "Mom")

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